Maribor Open 2013 – INFORMATION

Prize money for WDSF World Open Competitions:

1st place: 800 SFR
2nd place: 700 SFR
3rd place: 600 SFR
4th place: 500 SFR
5th place: 400 SFR
6th place: 300 SFR

13 adjudicators from thirteen countries nominated from organizer, confirmed by WDSF.

 Extrapoints WDSF WO ST & WO LATIN 105%

Competitors in the Youth and Senior categories can also take part in the WDSF WORLD Open competitions.

Dance classes and categories:

• Juvenile I born 2003 or later
• Juvenile II born 2001 or 2002
• Junior I born 2000 or 2001
• Junior II born 1998 or 1999
• Youth born1995,or 1996 or 1997
• Adult born 1994 or before
• Senior I 1998 or before
• Senior II 1968 or before
• Senior III one of the partners 1958 or before, the other 1967 or before
• Juvenile competitors and basic only competitors can only dance WDSF Syllabus figures

Competition dress according to the WDSF rules!

Closing date: 1st December 2013

Check in

We ask all competitors to be in the sports hall TABOR at least one hour before their competition and to pick up their starting numbers 30 minutes before the competition.

Dance couples who dance BASIC only in your their national federations can take part in both categories (BASIC and OPEN), and couples who dance OPEN program in their own national federations can take part only in OPEN categories.

In WDSF COMPETITIONS Junior I couples are allowed to compete in Junior II and Junior II couples are allowed to compete in Youth competitions.

Youth & amateur couples, who are not in the top 50 of WDSF World ranking list, are allowed to take part at Rising Star competitions.

Competitors in the “Basic only” categories can also take part in the WDSF Open Competitions for the same price.

Please make sure that the hills of your shoes are intact – ladies shoes have to have special protectors. We will control the shoes and will strictly prohibit any competitor whose shoes will not be intact to enter the dance floor.

Dancers who need visa to enter Slovenia:

Please make sure that you start the procedures for obtaining your visa at least 6 weeks before the journey. Russian citizens who have multiple Shengen visa do not need Slovenian visa!